FAQ for sheds

Would my shed need a permit from the council?

10 square meter is the limit for most suburbs, the Ranch shed is right under that size, which makes the largest shed without a permit required. There are also areas that have 20 square meters as the limit, please contact your local council to confirm.

How long would it take to assemble?

Depend on sizes of the shed and your experience, but generally speaking you can finish a 5 square meter shed within a day, and a 10 square meter shed in a day and half. We also have contractors who can install for you if needed.

Would I need a floor?

Yes, a shed would definitely need a floor, either concrete or timber. You can find more info about floor here.

Do you sell timber floor kits?

No, Steelmates no longer sell timber floor kits, we instead provide a floor plan for our customers. It gives you information on timber specs and quantity. You can then buy material locally.

How big is the package? Would I need a trailer to pick up?

The full range of Steelmates sheds are in flat packs, roughly 2 meters long by 1 meter wide, they will fit into a UTE or a station wagon. 

Can I change the position of the door?

For some models you can change the door position to a different wall,  and to offset the door to one side. 

Is Steelmates garden shed watertight?

Yes, all Steelmates sheds are waterproof. However, there will still be condensation during winter. 

How long would it take to deliver?

Steelmates has warehouses in both Auckland and Christchurch. Auckland despatch to all north island areas, and Christchurch look after south island customers. Usually next working day delivery for north island customers, and 2 working day delivery for south island customers. 

Would I need to buy any screws or rivets?

All Steelmates garden shed comes with all the accessories needed, which includes screws, rivets, washer, door latch and hinge. You will not need to buy any fasteners. 

Can I add a window or skylight to my shed?

Yes, Steelmates supply Louvre window and skylights. You can find them here.

Why Ours?

  • 01

    Peace of mind 10 YEARS WARRANTY

    All of our sheds are sold with 10 year warranty against rust and craftsmanship defect

  • 02

    Easiest Assembly

    With decade of experience, STEELMATES designed our own sheds, it saves half of the time to assemble comparing with many other brands.

  • 03

    Hassle free after sale support

    Our friendly and experienced staff offer remote assistance, which makes the assembly easier than ever.